How do I teach my child to eat vegetables?

Every day you make it again the same ritual. Your child will not eat or sit with an ugly face at the table. This is a common problem among children. This problem often starts when children are about 1.5 years old. Vegetables that are green in color, are often not good in the eyes of children. Children are born with a preference for sweet food. Because of sweet fruit taste kids will not find it dirty. A bitter and / or sour taste of certain vegetables are therefore often not appreciated.

Tips to let your child get used to eating vegetables

eatFor new flavors,children often find they are not good in the beginning. The trick is to let your child get used to the new taste by putting it more on the table. It remains an art to your child to eat, but how often he eats it the easier it gets. The new taste starts to get used at a given time so that it makes the food more easily. It is important to keep the atmosphere relaxed and calm, because when you get angry with your child because he / she does not eat the vegetables.

Make eating no struggle

Forcing your child to eat something does not make sense. It will only backfire. Your child will look forcing food when eating something dirty. So you give the wrong signal to your child that is not the intention. Motivate your child to get something still taste its fruits and to take a few bites. If this is successful then give it a compliment. So the trick is to let your child taste much so that they will later find it quite tasty. Let children do not get the idea that the dessert is a reward for eating the vegetable. This will ensure that they come to see the vegetable as a necessary evil.

Provide a good and relaxed atmosphere at the table

Make sure your child does not feel oppressed at the table. It is not intended that only much value is attached to eating vegetables. When this happens there is a big chance that your child will eat worse. Do not tell your child how healthy vegetable is and give no nutritional value. Try to make it fun at the table to make it easier for everyone and makes no punishment for the child to go to dinner.

Make eating vegetables attractive

Kids love colors and therefore it speaks to them more to be different vegetables have different flavors on the plate. If your child one particular vegetable does not really nice, but it does on the board between the different vegetables or mashed mixed up, your child will have less difficulty in eating this delicious vegetable not. Of course you can also add sauces and apple sauce on the vegetables, but do not do this too often because you do not want your child throws anywhere sauces over. Do this so certain vegetables making it better for your child.