Smoking in pregnancy causes psychotic disorders in children

There are enough reason why women should not smoke during pregnancy. Research shows that children whose mothers smoked during pregnancy are also more likely to have psychotic disorders as an adolescent. It appears that children from smoking during pregnancy had lower weight and heart problems. Also, the risk of SIDS is greater. However, smoking can also cause psychotic disorders.

Chance of psychotic disorders
The more the mother smokes during pregnancy, the greater the chance that a child developed psychotic disorders in adolescence. It is estimated that about 20 percent of adults had no psychotic symptoms if their mothers had not smoked during pregnancy. The exact influence of smoking and the development of symptoms is not entirely clear. It is suspected that the tobacco affects the impulsiveness, awareness and concentration.

Stop smoking
Quitting smoking is one of the hardest things to do. Stop during pregnancy is important, according to most studies. Moreover, it is an extra motivation to stop it completely. It appears that 40 percent of pregnant women managed to quit smoking. That is a much higher success rate than other smokers who want to quit.

Tips to quit smoking

With the motivation of a pregnancy, it is now time to stop smoking. Speak with your partner wondering when you’re gonna stop and put this date in your calendar. The stop day must take place approximately two weeks. It is important that your partner supports you in quitting. During the stop, the chances are that you find yourself in situations where you previously would light a cigarette at such stress or at a party. Think in this case that your child and talk about it with people. Talking also helps in difficult moments.

Write the key moments when you smoke and change the situation. For example, go for a stroll and grab a piece of gum. Let a number of times at the cigarettes are left as in the coffee. So you get used slowly to release this habit. The cigarettes that you find it difficult not to smoke you stay still smoking in the last week.