The development of children

The development of a child can be something very fascinating. Many parents find it important to know how their child is developed throughout his or her life. This is mainly because they have experienced it. Development itself By learning more about this, we gain more insight into the growth of our own children.

Development during pregnancy

Problems during pregnancy can affect the development of the child in later life. You can think of certain diseases, exposure to drugs and too much alcohol. The problem also can be in a genetic abnormalities, such as hereditary diseases and abnormalities in the body. Children can there after the birth quite susceptible.

Parents and the development of a child

Parents have an enormously important role in the development of a child. Parents who respond quickly to the needs of their child and many deal with their children and see their children play develop better visibility. These children will have more empathy for others, to develop a stronger sense of self and behave more mature than other children.

Setting boundaries and expectations

An authoritative parenting style is often seen as the best style. With this way of parenting, there seems to be more likely that your child will be more competent, confident and happy. Parents who adopt this way of parenting listen to their children and support them where needed. It specifies that a certain expectation will bring clearly limits.

Genes and environmental factors

The interaction between the development and the environmental factors together is very important. The development of a child is closely related together. The genes of a child while important, for example. It is important that he or she gets the right amount of nutrition during his lifetime.