Tips to help your baby sleep better

Keep in mind that as a parent, a child just out of the soothing womb and must get used to the world. Your baby will experience many new emotions and discomfort. He / she suddenly hot, cold and hunger. Your baby will not sleep. This is normal in the development of a young child, because, after all, this is not yet accustomed to the day and night rhythm of the world.

Day and night rhythm

Babies are not used to a day and night rhythm. In the belly of the mother, It was always dark and baby usually slept when the mother was busy during the day. Unborn babies often move and kick as the mother lying in bed and want to sleep. This makes the child so for months and now it is born, it suddenly has to get used to a different rhythm. This therefore takes time.

Tips to help baby sleep better

1.The first and most important is, stay calm and realize that sleep takes a lot of patience and time. A baby feels emotions of his parents. When you’re stressed or angry, the baby will not rest. Try to go as far as possible in the rhythm of the child along during the first few weeks. Pay attention to signs that your child is beginning to be tired (rubbing eyes, yawning, etc.) and put it straight into bed.

2.Try to find the reason why your baby is crying. Colic, burping what bothers you, too hot, too cold, or reflux unrest. These are all reasons why a child stays awake and all require a different approach. Make sure your child has not too hot or too cold. A good sleeping bag is the best. A thick winter sleeping bag when it’s cold and thin summer sleeping bag when it’s hot. A sleeping bag is generally safer than using blankets as these can attract the baby over his head.

3.Make the evening for a solid sleep ritual. For example, just before bedtime bath, read a book and put him / her in bed and sing a lullaby. Your child becomes accustomed to the little rituals and fall asleep faster. It might take a while before has this effect, but keep at it! Keep it quiet just before bedtime. When your baby at night wake up, do not talk or play with your child. Hold your baby close without eye contact and prefer the light (small light on). This will facilitate falling asleep again.

4.Make sure if your child get a fixed sleep rhythm. This rhythm not only provides clarity and security, but will train your child to fall asleep. A fixed time operations ensure that your baby gets used to it to get some sleep around a certain time. Compare it with food at a fixed time. When someone eats at 18:00 he / she was hungry around 18:00 because the stomach has become accustomed. So this works for sleep.

The sleep times during the day also went into a steady rhythm. When a child to go to bed early, it does not sleep well. However, when they are put to bed too late, there may be “exhaustion” and your baby will not sleep well. Look how much sleep your baby day and night needs. This often differs per month.